Stretching exercises to do after a jog

Perhaps only the lazy person did not hear about the need for classes before running. But with a hitch or stretching after a jog, everything is not so clear. So far, there is no absolute opinion about its necessity. This is not a very popular research object, and the benefits of stretching after running to prevent injuries or improve results have not yet been officially proven. But our team still joined those who consider it necessary. Read on to find out why and what exercises we recommend doing.

Do I need to stretch after running

The fact that stretching after running contributes to better muscle recovery has been proven by research. When we run, the muscles contract and become shorter, and constant stretching prevents this process by maintaining the length of the muscles or even slightly increasing it. The key word here is"permanent". After all, stretching irregularly, you affect the so-called passive components of the muscle and tendon complex, which lengthen tendons and connective tissues. And to lengthen the muscles by exposure to active elements, you need to constantly do stretching exercises.

A post-workout Hitch helps move your muscles, joints, respiratory and cardiovascular systems smoothly from your workout routine to your normal state.

Most of all, the calves, thighs (especially the quadriceps) and tendons need stretching after a jog. In addition to the fact that stretching provides muscle elasticity, it also accelerates the fat burning process and prevents the effect of pumped legs, which is often so important for girls. Thus, stretching after the end of the lesson is also the key to a beautiful figure.

Basic exercises

Set aside about 10-15 minutes after the main workout for a set of exercises with a hitch. Stretching can be static or Dynamic. Please note that static is not recommended after a high-intensity workout, as the muscles are very overstretched and there is a risk of damage. Below are some options for exercises that we suggest performing after completing a jog. Hold the body in these positions for 15-30 seconds, and then repeat 1-2 more sets.

1. Exercise"Dog"

This is one of the yoga asanas that resembles a dog stretching its muzzle down. It is well suited for relaxation, working out the muscles and spine. Stand on all fours, feet hip – width apart, hands shoulder-width apart. Straighten your arms at the elbows and legs at the knees, lowering completely to the foot, lift your buttocks. Keep your head along your arms, looking down. Your body should look like a triangle, without deflection in the back. In this position, get up on your toes and lower yourself to the starting position.

2. Exercise for stretching the gluteal muscles

Stand up straight with your legs together. Pull your right leg as high as possible to your chest, bending it at the knee. For convenience, you can wrap your arms around your leg. Hold this position, then repeat the same for your left leg.

3. Exercise to stretch the muscles of the front of the thigh

Stand up straight with your legs together. Grab your foot by the toe and pull it back. Try to pull as close to your buttocks as possible. For greater efficiency, you can tilt the case forward.

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